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“Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
Installing “Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
Pricing of “Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
  • Mount the unit with 2–3 inches of the wheel or belt in the fluid.
  • Protect “Little Tramp” from spraying metal chips or fluid with a shield, and mount it in a safe area.
  • Wiring of the unit ideally allows operator control. A ground fault circuit interrupt device and proper grounding are required for electrical installation.
  • The best time to run “Little Tramp” is when oil is floating on the surface. With some machine tools, this may be during down time when the fluid is motionless.

Dual Function Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and Surge Suppressor

“Little Tramp” Oil Wheels and Belts require a ground fault circuit interrupter. Model 337-001 plug-in adapter provides a convenient method of protection by interfacing “Little Tramp” Oil Wheel and Belt with the power receptacle. This unit also provides surge protection. Rated 15 AMP/120 VAC. UL Listed Under UL Standard 943 for portable applications.

Dual Function Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and Surge Suppressor
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