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“Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
Installing “Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
Pricing of “Little Tramp” Oil Skimmers
Little Tramp Oil Skimmer

Simple, low-cost solution for tramp oil problems.

The Encyclon “Little Tramp” Oil Wheel is an inexpensive investment when compared with fluid costs and machine maintenance. The equipment pays for itself in a very short time. For ease of operation and cost-efficient oil removal, “Little Tramp” outperforms rope, coalescers and centrifuges.

Tramp oil adheres to the slowly rotating disk and is automatically channeled by stationary wiper blades into a collector trough. With few moving parts, “Little Tramp” Oil Wheel is easy to install and maintain, and simple to operate. Removing hydraulic, lubricating and other tramp oils and greases from machine tool sump coolants offers these advantages:

  • Coolant life is extended (as much as four to five times).
  • Less time spent cleaning parts and machines.
  • Smoke, mist and bacteria growth are reduced.
  • Oil can be sold or burned, while the coolant can be disposed of or more easily reclaimed.

“Little Tramp” Oil Wheel removes floating oil from metal working fluids or other liquids at the rate of 1.5 gallons per hour.

Oil wheel
Little Tramp Oil Skimmers
Oil Wheel
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