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Coolant Refrigeration Systems
Coolant Refrigeration Systems

Encyclon coolant refrigeration units are designed especially for Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems. Their proven advantages include an extended coolant life, absence of contaminants in supply and return lines, and minimum heat build-up. The refrigerant is quickly circulated through evaporator coils which are immersed in the upper coolant tank. Encyclon refrigeration units consist of:

  • An air-cooled condensing unit with full controls for automatic operation including an adjustable thermostat with a range from 60°F to 120°F ± 2°F.
  • A stainless steel drop-in type evaporator coil.
  • Digital temperature controller to maintain 70°F in a 90° ambient.
  • Housed in a painted steel cabinet and supplied with an aluminum air intake filter.

To maximize grinder accuracies, it is essential to control the expansion and contraction of all metal parts being ground. A more constant, and therefore desirable, temperature on surface parts is maintained because of slow heat build-up due to a low evaporation rate.

Your Encyclon coolant refrigeration unit is an extremely efficient refrigeration system. It is not a simple waste water chiller.

Coolant Refrigeration Systems
Coolant Refrigeration Systems
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